Lakeview Golf and Country Club

Rules/Regulations/Programs/Polices Update – March 1st, 2016

We have been working hard making improvements in an effort to make your experience as a member of Lakeview Golf and Country Club the very best that it can be.  We have added some great new programs this year and amended a few as well.  Please refer to our website for the most updated information always but we have new information regarding rules and regulations in the areas listed below.

Register in the Pro Shop Prior to Play:

We are requiring that all players register in the pro shop prior to play.  The purpose of this new requirement is knowing exactly who is on the golf course and where they are.  This information is important for many reasons but to list a few:

Knowing what time that a group teed off for pace of play guidelines.
In the event of emergency and a player needed to be contacted immediately knowing where they are on the golf course is essential.
Allowing the pro shop to notify players of various related information that might need to be aware of or need to know before they tee off.
The ability for players to see or hear of any new updates or programs that might not be aware of.

There are numerous members that live on or close to a hole on the golf course and like to start play from these various holes.  This is acceptable provided that there is at least a one hole gap behind them and they call the pro shop for approval prior to play.  In the event the pro shop is not able to receive a phone call.  You will need to come check in at the pro shop & begin play at #1 hole.

Pace of Play Policies and Guidelines:

9 Holes = 2 Hours and 8 minutes
18 Holes = 4 Hours and 15 minutes

These pace of play guidelines have been established for the sole purpose of eliminating confusion and having a barometer of what would be considered an acceptable amount of time required to play both 9 and 18 holes as well as a group knowing the maximum amount of time it will take to play a round of golf at Lakeview Golf and Country Club.  Regardless of the # of players in any group if they are able to meet these pace of play standards they are considered to be playing in a reasonable amount of time.   It will be encouraged for all groups to make efforts to adhere to these guidelines.

Please note:  The pace of play guidelines that have been established at Lakeview Golf and Country Club are approximately 30 minutes faster than what the golf industry “standards” are to play a round of golf.  That being considered it must also be understood that not all groups are able to meet the pace of play guidelines and this policy will address what to do when this situation arises.

When there is one hole “open” behind any group the pace of play is irrelevant.  This group can play their round of golf at any pace they desire.  By definition having one hole open is not having two groups on the same hole on a par 3 or par 4 hole or on the tee on a par 5 hole.

If a group, regardless of the size of the group, is able to maintain this pace of play they are not “required” to let the group directly behind them play through as they are playing at what has been defined as acceptable.  The purpose of these guidelines is to eliminate the potential confusion of when to let a group play through and other alternatives available to them.

Considerations would be encouraged to let a group or player go through when playing at much faster pace and letting this group or player through would be considered a “courtesy”.   This is also what would be considered proper “etiquette standards” which is a significant attribute related to the game of golf itself.

When a group is not able to maintain the standard pace of play guidelines set forth they are “required” to let the group immediately behind them to play through or pick up their balls and move forward at least one hole.

In the event that there are multiple groups in order behind the group playing through it will be required to play for a slower group to play to maintain position with the group they let through or maintain a pace of play considered acceptable using these guidelines.   (Maintaining position would be being on the tee on a par 3 hole ready to play after the group finishes or on the same hole of a par 4 or par 5 hole.

If the group directly behind does not want to play through and are comfortable with the pace of play but are also slower than the acceptable pace of play, they are required to let the group behind them play through in the event that there are groups following them.  The purpose for identifying this scenario is that if two groups directly behind one another are playing slower than the acceptable pace of play those groups playing behind them will not be able to play their round in the stipulated amount of time.

Dress Code:

Proper footwear or protection is being added to the existing dress code policies.  The primary reason for this being added is to protect a player from serious injury walking barefoot in the sagebrush areas or abnormal ground conditions that exist on the golf course.   There are amendments to this rule as follows:

A player must walk to his or her ball with proper foot protection but may play a shot with no foot protection provided they are not playing from any sagebrush condition or abnormal ground condition on the golf course.

Clubhouse/Facility Code of Conduct:

Profanity and (or) abusive behavior will not be tolerated in the clubhouse or anywhere on the premises.  Any clubhouse or pro shop staff member has the authority to require an individual (s) to leave the premises for reasons they feel necessary.